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Events beginning on 10-2020
10/27/20Leadership Series - NC State Wilson College of Textiles: Intro to Textile Designing17/50
10/24/20Social Series - Beginners Yoga *Halloween Themed*5/20
10/23/20Social Series - Among Us Game26/30
10/21/20October Virtual Monthly Meeting *RESCHEDULED DATE!*426/500
10/15/20Forum Series - Cary Downtown Park117/117
10/10/20Forum Series - Council Member Lori Bush70/100
10/10/20Leadership Series - R.I.S.E. Initiative: Intro to Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Personal Finance26/50
10/03/20Social Series - Beginners Yoga19/20
10/01/20October Outside Hours - School Art Supplies Donation *FEATURED OCTOBER DRIVE - DEADLINE OCTOBER 30!*32/200
10/01/20October Outside Hours - Cards For WakeMed Cary Hospital *DEADLINE TO SUBMIT BY MAIL OCTOBER 31!*19/200
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